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Wayne Dalton Garage Door – Broken Torque Master Spring

Garage door springs are an integral part of the safety and operation of your garage doors. Springs maintain and balance the weight of your door. Working together with cables, springs allow your door to open and close safely. When your spring breaks, it makes opening your garage door very difficult, both manually and with your opener.

How do I know if I have a broken spring?

Usually you will hear a loud “spring” noise when the door is in motion. Generally after the spring breaks, your garage door is closed, and is very difficult to open. This is very inconvenient when your car is parked inside!

As you can see in the video, below, this Wayne Dalton Garage Door is hard to open and close. The problem: a broken torque master spring. After converting the springs to a standard torsion spring system with double springs, the door is easy to lift, and well balanced.

Replacing Broken Springs

The first step in replacing the broken springs is disengaging the motor from the door. Once this is done, you can easily replace the springs. Replacing the springs on your garage door can be dangerous. Unless you have experience doing this, it’s best to leave it to an experienced garage door technician. With malfunctioning springs, your door can easily fall on your car, or a person!

Garage Door Spring Recommendations

We generally recommend replacing garage door springs as a set, even if only one spring is broken. Usually if one spring has broken, the other one is not far behind and it’s easier to replace both at the same time.

Most torsion springs have a lifespan of about 15,000-20,000 cycles. This translates to about 10-14 years, depending on how often you use your door. We also recommend upgrading your springs from 1 to 2, if your current situation is only 1. Two springs can actually be cheaper in the long run.

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Last night my torsion spring broke and left me stuck in the garage. I called a few different places but Perfect Solutions Garage Door was on it right away. I called to get a quote and schedule an appointment, Shawn was at my front door within an hour and a half. Better yet the spring was replaced and the garage door was working perfect again within 30 min. He went above and beyond and tightened the chain and put lube on the rollers. My garage door works better now than it did before!

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