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Garage Door + Home Exterior Damage

Our customer, Julie, was driving out of her garage when instead of hitting the brakes, she hit the gas. With the car in drive. You see where this is going.

She ran into her garage door as well as the right side of her home, damaging both the door and the right side wall of her home.

Not only were we able to fix her door, but we got the stucco and structure taken care of as well.

garage door damage miami

In the picture above you can see the pretty bad damage to the door and all the cracks in the exterior of her home.

The first step of the repair was removing the damaged garage door. We then removed all the damaged wood and stucco so we could get it clean and prepped for the repair.

We then replaced all the damaged studs, the drywall, insulation and finally, the stucco.

garage door repair miami

The photo above shows the repaired drywall and stucco as well as the removed door. Once we got done with this work, we were ready to paint and install her new garage door!

new garage door installation miami

We painted the exterior and installed her new garage door. After waiting for the exterior to dry, we were able to tape up the surrounding area and paint the garage door to complement the color of the house as well as get it back to a similar color her door had been before.

freshly painted garage door miami

Now Julie’s garage door looks better than it did before the accident! A fresh coat of paint goes a long way to a nice, inexpensive “remodel” of your home’s exterior. Even when you didn’t plan on that upgrade.

Julie is happy we were able to quickly repair her door and her home’s exterior. We not only did the garage repair but were able to perform the work on her home and paint, all in one job!


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Last night my torsion spring broke and left me stuck in the garage. I called a few different places but Perfect Solutions Garage Door was on it right away. I called to get a quote and schedule an appointment, Shawn was at my front door within an hour and a half. Better yet the spring was replaced and the garage door was working perfect again within 30 min. He went above and beyond and tightened the chain and put lube on the rollers. My garage door works better now than it did before!

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