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How to Keep Your Garage Door Secure

Many home break-ins happen through the front door or a window. 10% of break-ins have the garage door as their entry point. Homes without security systems are also 3 times more likely to have a break-in.

While general home security is important: locking your front door, keeping windows closed and locked when away, and installing a home security system, don’t forget about your garage door! Since 10% of break-ins happen through the garage, it’s important to keep the security of your garage as a priority.

There are 5 things you can do this weekend to keep your garage door secure as an entry point to your home.

1. Keep the interior door in your garage locked.

If you have an attached garage door, make sure to lock the door connecting your home to your garage. Installing a deadbolt is a great idea on this door as well. It might seem like a nuisance to lock this, as it’s easier to leave it unlocked for easy re-entry. But if a burglar is able to enter your garage, they can literally walk right into your home through the unlocked interior door.


2. Use a remote keychain for your garage, not a garage door clicker in your car.

If you have the unfortunate experience of having your car broken into, a burglar can easily grab your garage door clicker, check your registration for your home address, and head over before you realize you’ve been vandalized.

Even if they don’t hit your house, it’s a good reminder to have your remotes reprogrammed if one remote is stolen. It’s also a great idea to not keep a copy of your house key in your car as well, for this same reason.

They make garage door remotes that can hang on your keyring. This helps to eliminate the possibility of someone stealing your remote from your car and keeps the remote close to you.

3. Install motion sensor lights around your garage door, and home.

This is a great and easy weekend project! Head over to your local home improvement store and grab some motion sensor security lights. You can also purchase online on Amazon and other websites. Many burglars will run the other way when a light shines on them. Motion sensors are a great deterrent for home robberies!

4. Upgrade your garage door opener.

Many new garage door openers on the market today have great security features, and are affordable too! Many openers have “rolling code” technology, which essentially changes the code of your opener for your remotes every time the door opens or closes. This makes it really difficult to copy your remote to use at a later time when you aren’t home.

5. Keep your garage door closed, always!

Many people actually forget to close their garage door when they leave the house. Or even while they are home, thinking that it’s safe to be open while you’re at home. Not only can someone quickly get inside when it’s open, they can also scope out what you have in your garage and where to enter your home from the garage. If you keep anything of value in your garage – bikes, expensive tools, etc – don’t allow others to have a wide open peek!



Making these changes, including locking the interior door, installing flood lights and being smart about your garage door remotes is an easy way to keep your home and your belongings safe!

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