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New Garage Door Opener Features

There are tons of great new features that come with new garage door openers. If you are in need of replacing your garage door, or you want to upgrade your current opener, this post looks at some of the top features on the garage door opener market today.

Before you choose the cool features, you have to choose the right garage door opener for your garage door. You have to consider horsepower and garage door opener mechanisms.

Garage Door Horsepower

There are 3 types of garage door openers: 1/3, 1/2 and 1. A professional knows which is the right match for your specific door. The general differences in the 3 options are

  • 1/3 HP openers are perfect for light garage doors
  • 1/2 HP openers are great for heavy doors made from wood and steel. They are also the minimum size for a double or 2 car garage door.
  • 1 HP garage door openers are for double or 2 car garage doors and very heavy doors.

We recommend to always go higher in HP than you need if you are in between. The price between 1/3, 1/2 and 1 isn’t huge, so spending a little more for a bigger one is a good deal.

Choosing Your Garage Door Mechanism

There are 3 “types” of openers: chain drive, belt drive and screw drive.

  • Chain drive openers are the most commonly used, as they are the most affordable. They tend to be the loudest of all 3 types, and regular maintenance is needed on them.
  • Belt drive openers are the most expensive opener. They also require almost no maintenance. This can sometimes make up for their extra cost.
  • Screw drive openers are the middle option. They are quieter than a chain drive opener, and less expensive than a belt drive opener.


Garage Door Security Options and Features

The most popular new security and tech features on garage door openers is: motion detector lights, auto reversing, rolling code technology, fingerprint recognition and smartphone controls.

Motion detector lights turn on from your opener when motion is detected. This is an excellent security feature. And nice at night when you come home or sneak into the garage for a midnight snack!

Openers made before 1993 did not include an auto reverse feature. This is a very important safety feature and your opener should be replaced if it was made before 1993. This feature will open your garage door while it’s closing, or reverse it, if there is an object detected in the path of the closing door.

The rolling code technology is an extra safeguard for keeping a thief from cloning your garage door opener remote. The code for the opener changes every time you open or close the garage door, which makes cracking the code very difficult.

Some openers have the ability to use your fingerprint to open your garage door. Apps exist as well to open and close your door, or turn the light on or off on your opener even when you aren’t home. This features sound expensive, but they have become quite common and aren’t as expensive as you think.

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