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One Piece Garage Door Update

Our customer Maria was buying a new house for herself and decided to rent out her current home for some extra income.

As she tackled some repair projects around the house to get it ready to rent, she knew she needed to fix her garage door.

The garage door was old and is wood, so it required some maintenance. Instead of doing the needed maintenance, getting a new door was an attractive option.

wood garage door

Maria decided that instead of trying to repair the current door, she would just get a brand new one. It would offer more security and less maintenance for her new tenants, and for her. Even if she wasn’t renting out her home, often times replacing older wood garage doors is a more cost-effective option than fixing it and then continuing to maintain it.

The garage door that Maria had on was a 1 piece garage door. There is nothing wrong with a one piece, but generally, we replace with a regular or overhead door. The problem here is that the garage is used as an additional bedroom. So we needed to have the door continue to be a 1 piece to accommodate the room.

We decided to take a standard overhead garage door and mount it as a one-piece garage door. This would allow Maria to keep the extra bedroom, but also have an updated, secure new garage door.

You can see how we did this in the picture below:

Maria was able to get the look of a standard door on the outside. But she got the function of a one-piece garage door. And in the future, if she decides to use the garage to store a car, the door can easily be converted back to a standard overhead door.

After Picture:

Now her curb appeal is great! An updated garage door hiding a bonus bedroom space!

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