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Regular Garage Door Maintenance

We are asked by customers all the time how they can perform simple garage door maintenance tasks on their own, without calling a professional garage door company.

Below are some quick tasks you can perform every month and quarter to keep your garage door in good condition! Regular maintenance will extend the life of many of your garage door parts, as well as your garage door. It will also mean you are paying attention to your garage, and most likely can pinpoint issues that might come up before they become a big deal.

If DIY isn’t your thing, hiring a professional garage door company to come out a few times a year and perform the maintenance for you, still gives you the benefit of catching issues before they get bigger, and caring for your doors so you get the longest life out of them.

Monthly Garage Door Maintenance

The easiest thing to do on your maintenance checklist is to just look at your garage door and garage door parts! Simple, right? Take note of any wear and tear you see, or if something looks different from the last time you checked it out.

Specifically look at: your springs, your tracks, cables, pulleys, rollers and hardware. Take note of any fraying at the cables you might notice, or how the door sounds when you open and close it.

Next, check your our hardware, things like hinges and screws. Ensure they are secure. If they aren’t, then secure them or call a professional.

The last thing you can do every month is clean your garage door tracks. Grab a wet towel and wipe the tracks down. Dirt or debris on the tracks can build up and then cause problems when you open and close your door. You can prevent many issues just by wiping them down. Take a dry rag when you’re done and ensure the tracks are dry before you open or close them again.

Quarterly Garage Door Maintenance

Every quarter, or at the very least twice a year, you should lubricate your garage door. Do NOT use WD-40 for this job. Instead, pick up a silicone or lithium spray. You can find this at any home improvement store, or on Amazon.

Make sure to spray lubricant on rollers, hinges and your tracks. This helps prevent damage, and will make your door slide smoothly up and down the tracks.

Every quarter, it’s a good idea to also test that the auto reverse safety feature on your opener is still working. This is easy to test – just stick a rolled up newspaper in the path of the door’s sensors, and try to close the door. When it detects the newspaper, it should automatically reverse. If it doesn’t, call a professional IMMEDIATELY!

The last thing you can do each month is check your garage door’s balance. This is generally best left to a professional but if you’d like to DIY this, here are the steps:

  1. Disconnect your garage door opener.
  2. Lift your door manually and check that it’s gliding on the tracks smoothly and with no resistance.
  3. If you lift your garage door, it should remain open.
  4. If it doesn’t stay open, or it’s hard to open by hand, your door is most likely not balanced.
  5. If your door isn’t balanced, then you need to call a professional repair company to balance it properly for you.

Regular maintenance on your garage door is never a bad idea! Even just taking a look at your door and parts every month, and being aware of anything that seems out of the ordinary, can save you time and money when it comes to your garage door repair needs!

If you are in Miami, or the greater Miami area, feel free to give PS Garage Door a call!


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