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Replacing 30 Year Old Garage Doors

Anne was working on an outdoor landscaping project which was just about ready to be completed.

She decided that her landscaping investment would go a lot farther with her curb appeal project if she replaced her garage doors.

Anyway, the garage doors were already almost 30 years old. So replacing them would give Anne some better insulation and updated features, as well as a new look!

Anne’s 30 year old garage doors before:

30 year old garage doors

New Walnut Finished Garage Doors

After looking at many different garage door options, Anne decided her first priority was swapping out the white garage door design with a much darker finish.

She ended up choosing these beautiful gallery doors with long panels. The garage doors are steel backed which provides excellent insulation and make for a very strong garage door that can withstand some abuse, weather and time, not to mention rust.

Anne chose the walnut finish for the doors. Her home has some white trim and a lighter color, so the darker doors really pop and give a sophisticated, upgraded look.

The new doors also include SQ24 windows as well. These added some much needed natural light to her garage, which she didn’t have before. They also are very stylish and add an even more upgraded look to these already beautiful doors.

Anne also chose some beautiful iron hardware accents to give a customized look to her gallery garage doors.

One of the goals of her landscaping project was to upgrade her home’s curb appeal. The landscaping looks great, but these doors really make a statement and look amazing!

Additionally, we replaced Anne’s garage door openers, so she has WiFi options to control her doors, as well as much quieter openers with the belt drive openers she chose.

The most important thing is that Anne is very happy with the final result, and that’s another successful project complete!


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