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Replacing a Rusty Garage Door

Our customer, Betty, decided she wanted to get a new garage door. Her current garage door is metal and was full of rust after years of not maintaining the door properly. It also didn’t function at all. The garage door opener didn’t work, and all the garage door parts were just in bad shape. 

You can see the condition of the door below. 

From the inside:

rusty garage door

From the outside:

rusty garage door

The tricky part of this new installation was the fact that there wasn’t much room in the garage to install the garage door’s tracks. Despite this, we were still able to install the brand new garage door.

We also installed a brand new LiftMaster garage door opener, so not only did Betty get a new garage door, but she got a functional one, with no rust, as well!

This was the perfect time to get the job done as winter is coming and the rainy season is beginning. Rain + metal = even more rust!

new garage door

Other options for repairing a rusty garage door:

Not everyone wants to get a brand new garage door if they have rust. In Betty’s case, the door itself was old and it was time to replace it.

But if your door is newer, but just suffering from some rust and needs a facelift, painting rust can be a great alternative. Painting rust directly doesn’t work, so make sure you clean the rust properly, then clean the garage door, and finally apply a primer that inhibits rust. This will help make your paint project a success.

Note: if your garage door is VERY old, like pre-1980 old, ensure you wear a mask and have a professional sand the rust and clean your door. Paint made before 1978 often contains lead, so you want to be very careful with repainting this kind of garage door.

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Last night my torsion spring broke and left me stuck in the garage. I called a few different places but Perfect Solutions Garage Door was on it right away. I called to get a quote and schedule an appointment, Shawn was at my front door within an hour and a half. Better yet the spring was replaced and the garage door was working perfect again within 30 min. He went above and beyond and tightened the chain and put lube on the rollers. My garage door works better now than it did before!

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