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    Garage Door Panel Replacement

    Often times the bottom of a garage door gets a lot more wear and tear than the top. Or a specific panel is damaged in some way. A great budget solution is replacing only one panel of your door, instead of the entire door, to get it looking good as new. We are experts in replacing panels to match the rest of your door. A quick and easy upgrade!

    Single or Multiple Garage Door Panel Replacement

    At PS Garage Door Miami we can easily switch out a single panel of your garage door, or multiple panels. This is often a much cheaper option than replacing an entire door. It’s also a great way to update your door and curb appeal. Panel replacement is common when your garage door is hit or damaged cosmetically in some way. If only one area of the door needs replacement, it’s easier to replace that panel.

    Usually when you replace a panel or two, it doesn’t fit with your door to keep it secure or match. At PS Garage Door Miami we are experts in ensuring the panel replacement is as secure as the door was when you bought it. And we can easily paint match your existing door to the panel. Generally is you want to replace more than 2 panels, the cost is the same as getting a whole new door. But every case is different, so a certified tech can let you know your options and what makes the most sense.

    While it’s possible to replace a panel yourself, it’s wise to hire a professional. The panels are often connected to the other operations of the door. For example if you damaged your lower panel when backing out of your garage with your car you’ll need to replace the lower panel. This panel is connected to your garage door springs, which are essential for the safe functioning of your door. If you don’t uninstall and reinstall the panel correctly, you can cause issues with your springs.

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    PS Garage Door Miami

    Last night my torsion spring broke and left me stuck in the garage. I called a few different places but Perfect Solutions Garage Door was on it right away. I called to get a quote and schedule an appointment, Shawn was at my front door within an hour and a half. Better yet the spring was replaced and the garage door was working perfect again within 30 min. He went above and beyond and tightened the chain and put lube on the rollers. My garage door works better now than it did before!

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