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    My Garage Door Won’t Open

    One of the most common calls we get in our business is: “My garage door won’t open”, even though the opener is making a sound. It’s confounding since if the garage door opener is working, there isn’t a power problem and your remotes are working. But why isn’t the garage door opening or closing?

    Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open

    The problem is your garage door gear. Your gear most likely is stripped, which requires either new gears or a new opener. The choice you make will depend mostly on the age of your opener and the cost to fix or replace given your specific requirements.

    How do you know if the gear is stripped? Watch the video below, as it gives a nice visual and audio of what it looks and sounds like in this situation. Basically though, your opener will hum or make noise when you press your remote, but nothing will happen. You can see as well the chain isn’t moving, even though the motor is clearly running.

    What causes stripped gears?

    Usually if the door is too heavy, or too much strain on the opener, the gears will strip. A full inspection on your door can also help prevent these problems. Ensuring your springs are the right sizes, there is no missing hardware, etc can ensure problems are avoided before your door fails you.

    In the case of the video above, the best solution was to replace the opener. This LiftMaster chain drive opener is equipped to lift the door properly, and solved the problem! Another option is just to replace the gear, but depending on the age of your opener or if more damage beyond just one stripped gear was done, opener replacement is often the solution.

    PS Garage Door Miami works with the top opener brands, including LiftMaster, Genie, Craftsman and many more. These brands are tried and true models that will make opening and closing your garage door a breeze.

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    Last night my torsion spring broke and left me stuck in the garage. I called a few different places but Perfect Solutions Garage Door was on it right away. I called to get a quote and schedule an appointment, Shawn was at my front door within an hour and a half. Better yet the spring was replaced and the garage door was working perfect again within 30 min. He went above and beyond and tightened the chain and put lube on the rollers. My garage door works better now than it did before!

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